Choose A&B Propane as your local propane provider for comfort and service you can count on. Our knowledgeable service professionals are always there for you, providing safe, reliable energy.

Service Installs

At A&B Propane, safety is always a top priority. Our qualified install team will design a propane system that works best for you and is compliant with all building and fire codes. We have top of the line equipment for the safe installation of tanks, gas lines, and service connections to structures and outdoor appliances.

Our new Smart Tank Monitor provides real time tank level date straight to your mobile device, leaving you with no more guessing. You can now schedule your gas deliveries with a touch of a button and receive auto-fill deliveries for your tank at 30% or below.​​ Learn more here.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, we want to make sure you receive the best out there. Whether you need a new tank install, leak check, or ran out of gas, we are here to give you the upmost care possible.

Same/Next Day Delivery Guaranteed

Busy? Out of town? Need propane today? Call us!

No Delivery Fees

Free Safety Inspection

Can't stand when companies throw delivery fees on the invoice? No delivery fees here!

We all want to make sure we're safe in our own homes. Get a free safety inspection TODAY!



"A & B always seems to be the most competitive priced through out the year. This year I bought from them during their summer sale (July 1- Aug 31st.) I save more than .80 a gal over the other guy. I have never experienced any problems with service or delivery. If you are getting propane, be sure give them a shot at your business. Every year I look around and they are always the most competitive! A & B propane is awesome!


"I have an Airbnb in Parker Dam, CA and I ran out of propane when I had guests staying there. I was mortified! I called there emergency number at night and they were there by 5:00 am the next morning filling up the tank. I couldn’t believe it! They were awesome! I was so grateful. I highly recommend this company for your propane service.


"Great business for residential or commercial propane. They serve all of Mohave County. I highly recommend these guys as they go above and beyond for their customers.

Service is available to our customers at any time you may need!

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